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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How far will you travel?

A:We will travel to anywhere and everywhere. Depending on the distance this may add a mileage fee.

Q:Do you edit your images?

A:Yes. Like any artist, we take pride in making sure our clients only receive finished works. Cameras snapshot a scene, and our edits turn these photos in our own unique style.  

Q:Do you offer video services?

A:We currently only offer a basic style of video as we work on improving this skill. We would be happy to help find someone for you if you wanted a customized video.  

Q:Can you hold a date for me?

A:We are sorry, but we cannot hold a date without a deposit and a signed contract as we work on a first come, first serve basis.

Q:When is payment for my session due?

A:A deposit is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance of your session is due before your session start time. Payment for product is due before images are ordered. 

Q:Do you offer payment plans?

A:We do offer payment options, but only on product orders. Images will not be ordered until payment is made in full. 

Q:How long before I receive my images?

A:If you have ordered digital files or they are included in your session, they can take up to 2 weeks to finish. Weddings take 3-8 weeks to finish and mini sessions can be done as quick as 24 hours! Product orders can take up to an additional 2 weeks. 

Q:What should I wear for my session?

A:It really depends on the type of session. Conceptual and Beauty session wardrobes will be discussed before your session as this varies from client to client. For most other sessions a casual dressy outfit is usually best. But it is your session, you can wear whatever you like. Please no logos or visible branding on your clothes. 

Q:What if I need to reschedule?

A:Things happen, thats life. Dates are subject to availability so if you are on a time restraint we may not be able to guarantee your new preferred date. You will be requoted your session as pricing is subject to change. 

Contact us and we would be happy to answer any other questions you may have!

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