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What Does Photography Mean to us?

Photography, for us, is capturing moments.  Not just rare moments where confidence shines in a smile, or the pure happiness that two people show each other with just their eyes.  It’s the ability to take a second in time and hold it forever.  It is showing someone that they are beautiful, no matter what they believe about themselves. Photography, for us, is a passion. An art, and like most artists, we take the time to perfect it and grow. To be better, so that you can see exactly what we see. 

Photography is not just about picking up a camera and clicking a button.  It is more complex.  We invested in years of school to get that perfect shot.  Intricately taught how to control lighting, the environment, the pose, and the photo quality.  We are taught how to edit, how to manipulate the image so it appears natural and stunning. 

Holding a camera and taking a photo is one thing, but spending hours getting to know someone and seeing how they transform in front of the lens, is another.  With a space to just be who we are, we can capture any memory, any emotion, and preserve it for years to come.  

Payneless Photography is mainly run by Alexandra as lead photographer with her brother as her second shooter for weddings and her husband as her assistant on other shoots not done in studio. Payneless Photography specializes in Boudoir and Conceptual Portraits. 

We at Payneless Photography have always had a love for photography ever since we were little children. It is not until the last few years have we realized how powerful and important it can be. 

Payneless Photography is here to help you capture the most beautiful moments of your life and all the days in between. We aim to to create something you will want to hang on your wall and share with your friends, and cherish forever. 

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